Build your own ERP
with ready-to-use modules

MyCompany is a free open-source ERP constructor
for small businesses

Suitable for SQL programmers, economists, business analysts

Any advanced Excel user will be able to customize MyCompany.

  • Installed on your own server in 10-15 minutes
  • Cross-platform, runs on different OS
  • For desktops and mobile devices
  • Developed on lsFusion, a 5th generation language
free open-source ERP constructor

MyCompany is and will always be an open-source solution.

MyCompany is a free ready-to-use customizable solution developed on the lsFusion platform that can be used as a basis for your own solution.

This is our team's contribution to the open-source community: it is essential for us that state-of-the-art technology is available not only to large businesses, but to everyone.

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We are continuously developing the platform
lsFusion – that means MyCompany as well

  • Fit for complex, high-loaded projects
    Concurrent users
    3 TB
  • Designed by business request, not vice versa

    Flexible business logic, the ability to quickly implement any algorithm

  • Can be integrated with accounting systems, online shops

    In automatic exchange mode, no manual upload required.

  • Support of common commercial equipment

    The list is expandable by request.

  • No hidden fees

    lsFusion is built on advanced free technologies and does not require buying Windows and SQL server.

Here's how our users achieve their goals with MyCompany

  • free open-source ERP constructor for store automation
    Shop automation
    "Sad & Ogorod"

    Ukrainian 1C developer Leonid Kvit selected MyCompany to automate the "Sad & Ogorod" shop in Khmelnitsky. The implementation has taken place in April 2020.

    Leonid Kvit
    "Sad & Ogorod" shop
  • free open-source ERP constructor for startups
    IAS accounting in Mighty Buildings, 3D-printing houses startup

    To account for IASs, Mighty Buildings has "implanted" a module from MyCompany into its own exclusive solution developed on the lsFusion platform.

    Mighty Buildings

Developer and Administrator-friendly

  • Ready-to-use middle-tier ERP system with only 25K lines of code. Fully-featured IDE based on Intellij IDEA. Perfect for Agile development.
  • ACID right out of the box. No manual locks or transaction management. All constraints and events are global. High declarativeness.
  • One paradigm. One language. No need to know dozens of paradigms and languages, no need to choose between procedures and requests, client and server, forms and reports, OLTP and OLAP.
  • Open data storage structure. Transparent integration interfaces. Open source platform. Built on the world's most popular technologies.
  • From CRUD to ERP. A nearly perfect modularity. Develop in parallel, reuse.
  • Permission for any development on the platform.
  • Internationalize any line with a single click.
  • Install the client with a single click for all logics at once.
  • Data is as valid as possible regardless of race conditions, hardware failures, or developer error.
  • High fault tolerance.
  • No keys or DRM.
  • Thousands of simultaneous users in a single database.
  • Always know what's going on and fix any problems that arise on the fly. Interpreter. Process monitor. Profiler. Scheduler. Chat. Lots of logs.
  • Runs on any OS. Supports any relational DBMS. Web or desktop.

Technical requirements

Server: 2 x vCPU, 4 Gb of RAM, 40 Gb of SSD, Linux / Windows Workstation: IntelCore i3, RAM 4Gb, HDD 80 Gb, Linux / Windows

How to install

User and business-friendly

  • Group, filter, organize, upload, log, customize, copy/paste, apply/cancel. Just like Excel, but better.
  • Customize your business processes using user-friendly interfaces without involving developers.
  • Minimal response time, even if a huge amount of data is involved.
free open-source ERP constructor for users
  • Developing and implementing new features takes hours instead of weeks.
  • Protection against patents. Free.
  • Supports any OS, relational DBMS, communication channels. Web or desktop. Hundreds of simultaneous users even at 1MB/s. Cloud-ready.
  • Flexible security policy at all levels.
  • LGPL v3 license. Free use and distribution.
  • Built-in encryption of transmitted data. Corporate-ready.
free open-source ERP constructor for business
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